How to Leave the House with Triplets

Just do it. The end. It really is as simple as that. Except it’s not. Taking triplets out on our own was—and sometimes still is—a big deal in my triplet social media groups. It was cause for bitten-off fingernails in the days leading up to the outing and dances of joy in the hours following … Read more >>

How to Feed Triplets

“How do you feed triplets?” was a common question we got in the days of bottles. As much as we wanted to respond with a snarky, “With formula and a bottle,” we bit our tongues. We knew what people were really asking: “How do you feed three babies at once?” How to feed triplets is … Read more >>

5 Things to Expect When You Bring Triplets Home

We were on our way to the pediatrician for Danae’s first and Caleb’s second doctor’s appointment following release from NICU when we got the call. “Marcella? Hi, it’s Christine [the Tagalongs’ overseeing nurse practitioner] from NICU. James is being discharged today. When can we plan for you to come pick him up?” I turned to … Read more >>