About Us

The year was 2017, and we were knee-deep in the terrible twos with our triplets James, Caleb, and Danae. How do you “positively” discipline three same-aged children? we asked ourselves time and time again.

The seemingly infinite parenting resources shelled out advice on parenting just one child. They didn’t cover how to positively discipline a toddler who’s just horse-collared his brother to the ground, clocked him over the head with a toy car, and head-butted him repeatedly. While soothing the aggrieved brother, who’s now tantrumming all over the floor, not because he’s “hut” but because his brother is still holding the car he wants. All while redirecting the Looky Lou who’s spewing out an indecipherable tale of what happened and trying to “hep” by kissing the brothers who want nothing to do with her from being caught up in the fracas. Usually all by yourself.


This wasn’t the first time we’d run into this issue. The parenting literature out there told you what to expect when you bring home one baby—but not three. It told you how to feed one baby—but not three. It told you how to potty train one toddler—but not three. Resources for being pregnant with and raising multiples were few and far between. Most of our information came from private social media groups where other triplet parents were screaming, “WTF?!” just as loudly and frequently as we were.

So this site was born (pun intended). We’re not perfect, but we’re experienced. And we want to share tips, tricks, and tales of raising multiples. Regardless of whether you have twins, triplets, quads, or (Gasp! And hats off to you.) even higher-order multiples, we want to help you. We want to give you the confidence and knowledge that you can succeed at this crazy rollercoaster that is parenting multiples.

Bio: Marcella


Marcella wants to live in a world where she can escape to quiet rooms stacked high with books that come bundled with a brownie cookie dough DQ blizzard and cuddly purr monster. When she’s not finding creative ways to play with cars for the eleventy billionth time or shouting, “Undies! Pants! Sit! Pee!” at toddlers who have the attention span of a gnat, you can find her running to the beats of an audiobook/podcast or assisting writers in crafting their work through her editing business, A to Z Editing. Marcella likes talking about the day-to-day experience of raising triplets, like how to navigate toddler time and a park playdate with three toddlers in tow. Follow her running, English weenie-ing, and ice creaming on Instagram: @hineschica.

Bio: Chris


Chris wants to live in a world filled with an endless supply of unfrosted blueberry Pop-Tarts, blaring rock music, and roads without speed limits. When he’s not finding creative ways to tell people, “No,” at work or listening to Marcella “verbally prod” (read: nag) him at home, you can find him nerding out over The Ninth Age/Age of Sigmar on YouTube under the moniker SkavenInAZ or escaping into his Nothing Box through a video game. Chris likes talking about the brass tacks of raising triplets, like how to stay financially secure while paying for diapers and formula.

Bio: The Tagalongs


Collectively the Tagalongs (because they “tagged along” with Marcella), separately James, Caleb, and Danae—triplets born at 28 weeks. Mr. No-Nonsense James is as practical as they come but also walks to the beat of his own little drummer. Caleb is our mover and shaker who leaps before he looks and always seems to be up to something. Despite her Snuffleupagus eyelashes and bright smile, Danae (pronounced Duh-nay) is all spice and sass. The Tagalongs like giggling hysterically, stealing each other’s toys, and driving Marcella and Chris batty with their crazy antics.