Spreading Savannah’s Snowdrops

Gain insight into the feelings that go with losing a baby as a mother describes her family's NICU experience and mission to remember their little loved one.

Our Pregnancy Rob and I were ecstatic when we found out I was pregnant in 2014. We had experienced a second trimester miscarriage 5 years earlier and had been dealing with infertility since that time. But our first round of IVF had proved successful. We went to our first ultrasound hoping to see a heartbeat … Read more >>

Redemption Race

Woman runner holds medal after finishing half-marathon.

It happened at Mile 9. A wave of emotion crashed over me, momentarily slowing the steady pace I’d been maintaining. My breath hitched as butterflies appeared in my stomach. Tears prickled my eyes. I’m here, I thought. I’m finally here. At Mile 9, my heart finally caught up with my head. I’d trained for the … Read more >>

How I Fit Workouts into Infertility, IVF, Pregnancy, and Triplets

Female runner is exhausted postrun.

“I work out. Just kidding. I chase triplets.” This catchy saying went around a few of my triplet mom social media groups about 2 years ago. Our trios were starting to enter the Wonderful World of Toddlers, and we found ourselves having even less time for ourselves and running around after our kids even more. … Read more >>

Raising Triplets: The Mother of All Workouts

“I work out. Just kidding. I chase triplets.” A triplet mom shows just how true this is as she details the workout that is caring for triplets.

“I work out. Just kidding. I chase triplets.” This catchy saying was going around a few of my triplets groups a few years back. It appeared as memes, adorned coffee mugs, and was screen printed onto flattering, yet practical, shirts. I like it, but I can’t tell you why. And I can’t—for the life of … Read more >>