How to Build the Perfect Potty Station

Use these tips to create a no-frills potty station that gives you a few less things to worry about when potty training triplets.

In our post “6 Tips to Make Potty Training Easy Pee-sy,” we recommended setting up a potty station. This is a nice feature to have if, like us, you use little potties somewhere other than the bathroom. And, it’s super easy to set one up.

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We used a Sterilite plastic storage tower with drawers to create our potty station. We slapped a label on each drawer so other childcare helpers could use it without explanation and called it good. It didn’t look glamorous, but it got the job done.


The potty station contains five drawers. Each drawer was designated for a specific item:

  • potty books
  • extra undies and pants (1 per child)
  • small cleaning cloths
  • large cleaning cloths
  • drop cloths (more appropriate for early stages of potty training)

The drawers of the potty station in our picture don’t quite align with the list above because we’ve since moved to doing our business entirely in the bathroom at the front of the house. But the essentials remain because we’ve found that we prefer to have a go-to place downstairs for them rather than make multiple trips upstairs.

Bonus: The Tagalongs have learned what’s in each drawer, so they go right to the potty station for extra bottoms after an accident and grab a small washcloth when they need to do clean up everything from an accident to a spilled drink at the table. Organization for the win!

Our favorite potty training books. Links to each can be found on our Pinterest board Triplet Potty Training.


Atop the potty station was a small basket filled with the following items:

  • toilet paper
  • baby wipes (for poop)
  • cleaning wipes (for potties)
  • a trash bag

Some of you might be worried about keeping those items within easy reach of just-long-enough, curious, mischievous arms. We were as well, but we impressed upon them from Day 1 that only Mommy and Daddy touched those items. As the Tagalongs became more comfortable with everything else that goes with toileting (read: wiping pee), we allowed them to grab their own toilet paper. Everything else was hands-off and stayed that way until we moved to the big potty. There were no rooms decorated in toilet paper, toilets overflowing with baby wipes, or cleaning wipes used inappropriately. We’re sure they’ll make up for such obedience later in life!

Basket full of potty training supplies: toilet paper, baby wipes, cleaning wipes, and a trash bag.

A Final Word

Remember, your potty station doesn’t have to look like something out of Better Homes & Gardens. It simply must have the essentials so you aren’t running around like a crazy person while pee shoots like water from a fountain out of your child.

Visit our Pinterest board Triplet Potty Training to view a few of our favorite potty stations and other must-have potty training items.

Use these tips to create a no-frills potty station that gives you a few less things to worry about when potty training triplets.

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