5 Tips for Solo-Parenting Triplets

Tips, tips, and more tips on solo-parenting triplets when your partner is away. Learn how to survive and thrive when your trio really outnumbers you.

I’m fresh off three days of solo parenting while Chris was out of town. I grumbled a little, but in reality, it was NBD. Four years ago? This would have been a different story. The first time Chris went out of town for a weekend, the Tagalongs were 7m/4m. They were on 4-hour feeds, our … Read more >>

‘Tis the Season—Sick Season

Learn why preemie parents take extra precautions during sick season. Link to printable letter to family and friends included!

A side effect of being a preemie is a compromised immune system. Developmentally, preemies are expected to catch up by age 2, but I have yet to receive an age at which their immune systems will catch up. From what I’ve read, increased susceptibility to illness and infection is a lifelong health risk for babies … Read more >>

How I Fit Workouts into Infertility, IVF, Pregnancy, and Triplets

Female runner is exhausted postrun.

“I work out. Just kidding. I chase triplets.” This catchy saying went around a few of my triplet mom social media groups about 2 years ago. Our trios were starting to enter the Wonderful World of Toddlers, and we found ourselves having even less time for ourselves and running around after our kids even more. … Read more >>

Raising Triplets: The Mother of All Workouts

“I work out. Just kidding. I chase triplets.” A triplet mom shows just how true this is as she details the workout that is caring for triplets.

“I work out. Just kidding. I chase triplets.” This catchy saying was going around a few of my triplets groups a few years back. It appeared as memes, adorned coffee mugs, and was screen printed onto flattering, yet practical, shirts. I like it, but I can’t tell you why. And I can’t—for the life of … Read more >>