Redemption Race

Woman runner holds medal after finishing half-marathon.

It happened at Mile 9. A wave of emotion crashed over me, momentarily slowing the steady pace I’d been maintaining. My breath hitched as butterflies appeared in my stomach. Tears prickled my eyes. I’m here, I thought. I’m finally here. At Mile 9, my heart finally caught up with my head. I’d trained for the … Read more >>

Why This Triplet Mother Needs to Go Running

Explore this triplet mom’s running journey to learn how running helps her stay sane amidst the tumult of life with multiples.

The Girl Who Formerly Hated Running. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Very Harry Potteresque. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite have the draw that will make it the crux of a multibillion-dollar franchise. But it does make a nice article title. Yup, I’m the Girl Who Formerly Hated Running. The word run used to … Read more >>